Sunshine Coast Land Supply Study

90 Properties ranked by ten leading property developers in the Sunshine Coast region

What's the real land supply on the Sunshine Coast?

Facts + Figures

The Snapshot

Aura and Palmview contribute
75% of supply

National-scale developers delivering high-quality developments

Leaving only 3200 potential lots elsewhere

Of those remaining 3200 potential lots
Rated or less
Leaving 1600 potential lots
Market take-up of
Leaving just over 1 year's worth of supply available elsewhere
All figures are approximate

Find out exactly where the 4 and 5 star sites are and what yield they could deliver.

What's in the report?

The Report

JFP's Digital Solutions team replicated the LSDM's methodology to find all the developable land in the region, then facilitated the review of these properties by ten UDIA members with local experience. Using their collective knowledge of the region, the members ranked the properties on their mobile devices based on their expertise; acting as independent developers.

Get access to all 90 properties as ranked by ten UDIA members, including each site's:

  • Location
  • Gross area
  • Zoning and overlays
  • Potential yield (according to the LSDM methodology)
  • Ranking according to ten UDIA members with local experience
  • Issues noted by the session members

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